November Notes

From the front page of Le Monde des Livres, November 17th: “Avec «Les Belles de Halimunda», son premier roman, Eka Kurniawan tresse, entre onirisme et vraisemblance, une extraordinaire épopée indonésienne.”

While Les Belles de Halimunda (Beauty Is a Wound) just released in French, almost at the same time Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash was published in English. Jackson Arn has a review of the book in Asymptote; as Free Press Journal said about it … “Kurniawan also skilfully manages to save his pulp fiction type novel from getting into that genre.”

From Otago Daily Times, NZ, we found they compared the book with Tarantino-type violence, “… they may find this a light-hearted romp in an ‘‘exotic’’ and unusual location.” In other place, Tiffany Tsao in Mekong Review argued that, “The influence of so-called lowbrow fiction on Eka’s work has never been a secret … But to see this as a failing would be to make a grievous error.”

And don’t forget about my second novel, Man Tiger, that Manila Book Review called it as a “story of a great rage.”