Beauty Is a Wound, San Francisco Chronicle

“All of this — the comedy and the historical heft, the intricate plot and even more intricate character system — should make for an overstuffed, elephantine novel. But it doesn’t. Beauty Is a Wound, the first of Kurniawan’s novels to be translated into English (along with Man Tiger, a slim work), is a controlled sprawl, massive but not messy. It is, especially at the level of structure, an awesome achievement.”

This time from San Francisco Chronicle, a review by Anthony Domestico.

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One thought on “Beauty Is a Wound, San Francisco Chronicle

  1. Suka paragraf terakhir dari pengulas. Ia sadar soal keterbatasan, dan dari sana merangkul banyak kemungkinan dari prosa. Jadi ingat ulasan paling perdana saat novel ini terbit kali pertama :D

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