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Beauty Is a Wound, San Francisco Chronicle

“All of this — the comedy and the historical heft, the intricate plot and even more intricate character system — should make for an overstuffed, elephantine novel. But it doesn’t. Beauty Is a Wound, the first of Kurniawan’s novels to be translated into English (along with Man Tiger, a slim work), is a controlled sprawl, massive but not messy. It is, especially at the level of structure, an awesome achievement.”

This time from San Francisco Chronicle, a review by Anthony Domestico.

Please join me at Green Apple Books on the Park, San Francisco, September 2015, 17th (and at Asian Art Museum, Seattle, September 2015, 15th).

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  1. Suka paragraf terakhir dari pengulas. Ia sadar soal keterbatasan, dan dari sana merangkul banyak kemungkinan dari prosa. Jadi ingat ulasan paling perdana saat novel ini terbit kali pertama :D

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