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Terkonfirmasi. Editor cerpen Kompas sendiri menyarankan inses intelektual semacam begini. Sama seperti dalam bidang biologi, hubungan sedarah kemungkinan (dikutip dari Wikipedia):

“… berpotensi tinggi menghasilkan keturunan yang secara biologis lemah, baik fisik maupun mental (cacat), atau bahkan letal (mematikan).”

This is an excerpt from Beauty Is a Wound in Traditional Chinese:


Read more here.

“No matter how serious your theme, the work should be entertaining.”

My conversation with Shreya Ila Anasuya for Scroll.in.

I prefer to see myself as an adventurer, with all the literary traditions as my map.

My latest interview with Jaya Bhattacharji Rose for Bookwitty.

Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash (translated by Annie Tucker) is one of Readings“The most anticipated books of 2017”. My third novel will be published this year by New Directions (US), Pushkin Press (UK), Text Publishing (ANZ) and Speaking Tiger (India).

God and ghost? In many ways, they are similar, right? Except that people tend to believe that God created the world, including ghosts. We have funny words in Indonesia: ‘Tuhan’ for God and ‘Hantu’ for ghost. If you recite ‘Tuhan’ continuously, in the end, you can hear ‘Hantu’.

“Reading Suharto, Quran, Mahabharata and Ramayana”, The Indian Express

My essay about sending my daughter to school, for The Guardian: The most loaded question in Jakarta: ‘What school would you like to go to?’

Kolomnis Karim Raslan (dikenal terutama melalui kolom yang kemudian menjadi buku Ceritalah Malaysia dan Ceritalah Indonesia), menulis tentang novel Cantik Itu Luka di kolom terbarunya. Bisa dibaca dalam versi bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Indonesia.

Beauty Is a Wound serves as a crash course in contemporary Indonesian history since most of us know little about the country beyond Bali. And it is an oral history lesson well told; with all the folk ribaldry and dry humour that one associates with the rootedness of the vernacular. Indonesia offers a number of things familiar to Indians.” A review by Satyabrat Sinha, The Wire.

“Annie Tucker’s skilful translation captures Kurniawan’s matter-of-fact prose and black humour. Elements of the supernatural and oral storytelling combine powerfully to evoke a brutal past and some of the pivotal events that helped shape Indonesia today.” Review of Beauty Is a Wound and Man Tiger by Lucy Popescu, The Financial Times.

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